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Review - David Ford - Songs For The Road

David Ford - Songs For The Road

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8 out of 10

Since Mr Ford's former band Easyworld disbanded in 2004, it appears he's been up doing two things:

1 - Writing solo records (Obviously)
2 - Getting angry

With song names like "Go to Hell", "Decimate" and "Nobody tells me what to do" you'd think that David Ford's album would be fast, furious & shouty but it's quite the opposite. Each track on this, his second solo release, is laden with strings & heartfelt raspy vocals. "Songs For The Road" finds itself teasing a few different genres throughout its 37 minutes such as blues, folk, country & pop.

The main point of this album that grabs your attention is David's voice and lyrics. He lambasts everyone around & even himself through this rage filled record but he does it with such a folky & loveable way with a voice that is comparable to James Morrison if he was singing lounge songs in a sparkly dress. Maybe the sparkly dress would be unnecessary but I just like that thought.

Buy this record & file it under "I've been dumped & I want to feel better about myself".


1. Go to Hell
2. Decimate
3. I'm Alright Now
4. Song For The Road
5. Train
6. St Peter
7. Nobody Tells Me What To Do
8. Requiem
9. .And So You Fell

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