Sunday, 18 January 2009

Review - Brides - Ocular.Unveil

Brides - Ocular.Unveil

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7 out of 10

Over the past few years the post hardcore genre has been solidly ran into the ground quicker than you can say "Geoff Rickley's n00dz leaked". Brighton mob Brides are here to set the record straight and show that there is still fresh ideas and life in a stale scene.

Ocular.Unveil is a short blast of both melodic and gruffly shouted multi layered vocal hooks, jagged guitars and one of the nicest drum tones I've heard on a record for a while and manage to blend a multitude of styles, yet never have it sounding too forced, or contrived.

For a first release, this isn't too shabby and you'd be quite foolish to overlook it. Let's hope Visible Noise carry on their trademark style of launching a bands career full time.


1. Beholder
2. Serpent, I'm Nothing But Your Anchor
3. Endless Sea Of Dirac
4. The Cold Wealth
5. Eye Despise The Faithless
6. Carcinoma
7. Frank West
8. Velvet Ground

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