Sunday, 25 January 2009

Review - Daniel Merriweather - Change (Single)

Daniel Merriweather - Change (Single)

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8 out of 10

Following on from appearing in two Mark Ronson albums and other peoples songs Daniel Merriweather has now brought out his first single 'Change'. On which you can definitely still hear the influence of Ronson, but that only plays to Merriweather's strengths as a great soul singer. Such smooth vocals are juxtaposed on here by fellow Allido Records (Ronson's Label) artist Wale who supplies the rap vocals. On this CD you get not just the single version but a rap free one, a virtually unrecognizable dance version, another mix which has an interesting take on the song and the instrumental at the end.

The music itself is a joy to listen to and has Ronson written all over it, but it really works with Daniel's vocal layered on top like a silk blanket. Oh and one final thing is that the CD I received makes it look like a miniature old school vinyl and comes in a not only a cardboard sleeve but a paper inner sleeve to complete the effect.


1. Change feat. Wale
2. Change without Rap
3. Change The Count's 'Doin' it' Remix
4. Change Firstman Remix
5. Change Instrumental

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