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Review - The Freezing Fog - The Freezing Fog

The Freezing Fog - The Freezing Fog

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8 out of 10

It's been impossible over the last few years to mention The Freezing Fog without a mention of certain members previous incarnation in a much loved/missed Manchester based band (that were awesome by the way) who’s name will not be mentioned. Since then they have released a couple of splits and a fine debut album which leads us nicely to their self-titled, sophomore album.

Since their inception they have had the "retro" tag thrown around quite a bit, which sort of does them a great disservice really as it's not some sort of throwback rock ala Witchcraft, more like it takes that great song-writing attitude and dedication to riffs mixed with catchy melodies and wraps it up in a solid, modern production.

It's really hard to point out favourite tracks on here as each song contains its own identity and enough awesome riffs and catchiness that makes you forget the previous one. The epic melody of "Eagle" segues seamlessly into "Sweet, Sweet Purple"’s syrupy guitar licks. The instrumental "Virga" gives way for "In The Company Of A Genius" and more meaty riffing. I really hate to throw comparisons around with this as it sort of cheapens what is an immense album.

Classic Rock, Retro, whatever you want to call it, it's a stand alone, solid album that deserves serious attention outside of the strict climes of underground music.


1. Dusk Chorus Blues
2. The Dweller on The Threshold Of Time
3. Eagle
4. Sweet, Sweet Purple
5. A Sleepwalkers Dream
6. Ride Them Gently
7. Virga
8. In The Company Of A Genius
9. Lady of Sorrow
10. Horizons

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