Tuesday, 20 January 2009

News - Mansions - New Best Friends Album

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Mansions will release their debut full-length called "New Best Friends" on March the 3rd through Doghouse Records. The release will include the 12-song studio release on Disc 1, followed by a bonus MP3 CD on Disc 2, featuring the entire MP3 Initiative (http://www.doghouserecords.com/mansionsepinitiative/), a 7 EP project the band released throughout late 2008.

A pre-order for the double-disc will launch next week and will include an 11x17" poster plus a 5x5" original water color painting by Christopher (limited to 200, each one being complete different and therefore unique).

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (New Best Friends Album)
1. I Told a Lie
2. Talk Talk Talk
3. Por Favor
4. Holidaze
5. Curacao Blue
6. Insulated
7. Take It Back
8. Gotta Be Alone
9. The Worst Part
10. Sub Angel
11. Millions
12. All Eyes on You

Disc 2 (The EP Initiative MP3s)
1. OMG
2. I Swear
3. Never Enuff
4. Last to Leave
5. LtsBSdTgthr
6. When I Sleep
7. Shoes On, Pants Off
8. The Constant
9. Seven-Eleven
10. Eighteenth Bday
11. You Got Caught
12. When She’s Not Around
13. I Told a Lie (Remix)
14. The Worst Part (Remix)
15. Curacao Blue (Remix)
16. Gotta Be Alone (Remix)
17. All Eyes on You (Remix)
18. Insulated (Remix)
19. Talk Talk Talk (Remix)
20. Substitute Angel (Acoustic)
21. Take It Back (Acoustic)
22. Por Favor Is Spanish (Acoustic)
23. Millions of Pieces (Acoustic)
24. Holidaze (Acoustic)
25. Tangerine (Acoustic)
26. The Worst Part (Demo)
27. Gotta Be Alone (Demo)
28. Por Favor Is Spanish (Demo)
29. Substitute Angel (Demo)
30. Millions of Pieces (Demo)
31. Curacao Blue (Demo)
32. I Told a Lie (Demo)
33. All Eyes on You (Demo)
34. Holidaze (Demo)
35. Insulated (Demo)
36. Take It Back (Demo)
37. Tangerine (Demo)
38. Talk Talk Talk (Demo)

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