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Review - New Regency - Role Models

New Regency - Role Models

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8 out of 10

Following an energy drink fuelled bender, Danny (Rudd) and his colleague Wheeler (Scott) are arrested for destroying their company car. Faced with the prospect of jail, the pair are given the opportunity to atone for their mistake by mentoring two troubled children, Augie (Mintz-Plasse) & Ronnie (Thompson). Never has jail looked so appealing.

I believe it was W.C. Fields who once said 'Never work with children or animals.' A statement I'm sure both Danny & Wheeler would agree with. Well, the children part anyway. But if Role Models proves to be a success it could be (in part) as a result of the performances of its young charges, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Bobb'e J. Thompson.

Building upon his performance as Superbad's now iconic geek, McLovin', Mintz-Plasse's Augie is no less a geek but more endearing and engaging. This does not make him any less funny though, especially when advising Danny to tell his ex-girlfriend Beth (Banks) that he misses her 'whispering eye'. Thompson's Ronnie is no shrinking violet either. A growth spurt away from being the next Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle, Ronnie's verbal onslaughts and mischievous antics keep Scott's Wheeler on his toes and would leave even social services clambering for assistance.

Significant though the minors are, it is Rudd and Scott that are the real impetuous behind the movie. Rudd's cynicism and dry wit combined with Scott's energy and playground put downs will make for repeat viewing. Danny's discontent with his job is having a major bearing on his home life and results in his girlfriend leaving him. Wheeler's situation couldn't be any more different. He loves his job, has few responsibilities and hopes the Minotaur party never ends. Like Paula Abdul sang, opposites attract and this is why the duo functions.

Whilst director David Wain should be commended for drawing the best from the comic talent on show, he should be applauded for not allowing the film to descend into sentimental mush. Though the guilty duo make further mistakes before realising the error of their ways, Wain presents it in such a way that the laughs continue to come rather than allowing the characters to become consumed with guilt.

With Rudd's stock continuously rising and Scott reminding us of why we first came to love him, combined with the performances of the supporting cast, Role Models is sure to find a place in every comedy connoisseurs' collection.

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Cast List:

Danny Donahue: aul Rudd
Wheeler: Sean William Scott
Augie Farks: Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Ronnie Shields: Bobb'e J. Thompson
Beth: Elizabeth Banks
Gayle Sweeny: Jane Lynch


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