Sunday, 18 January 2009

Review - Heads We Dance - The Human Touch (Single)

Heads We Dance - The Human Touch (Single)

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9 out of 10

Heads We Dance are a 3-piece outfit originating from Leeds. They not just produce tunes such as this their single 'The Human Touch' but also DJ at hot electro Leeds club night Nailgun.

'The Human Touch' offers all the best of any electronica sounding artist out there at the moment. The track picks you up and carries you to another world for the next 5 minutes. The track starts with a slow intro before exploding into a beautiful synthesizer sound ready to launch you into the space-disco vocals.

The b-side 'You Are Never Alone With Model 21' took me by surprise after such a storming start to the single. The tune is such a throwback to the eighties electro sound its unreal, that's not a bad thing, but it didn't work for me first time around. I had to listen to the title track again because I was so impressed by it, so decided to give the 2nd tune another go. I then got it! I can now understand why this could be so good in the clubs.

Not only do I love the bands name, but I love this single. I will be using 'The Human Touch' when I next DJ, it's gonna go down a storm!


1. The Human Touch
2. You Are Never Alone With Model 21

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