Sunday, 25 January 2009

Review - Black Eyed Dog - Rhaianuledada (Songs To Sissy)

Black Eyed Dog - Rhaianuledada (Songs To Sissy)

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5 out of 10

This is a bit of a borderline one, I reckon. One of those albums where if you "get" it then you absolutely love it, and can't see a bad thing about it, but if you don't then, well, it's just nothing special. I have to admit I'm in the latter camp. There's some good stuff going on in there, I can hear a bit of Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, a bit of latter day Dylan and some Leonard Cohen, and a bit of Ryan (and indeed Bryan) Adams and David Bowie too. But whilst there are moments of greatness, where it all gels together perfectly, there are far more where it. Doesn't. Worse, some of the songs have that sickly sweet sheen so beloved of advertising executives.

Definitely one to check out before investing in.


1. Roses
2. Salina's
3. All 4 You
4. Honeysuckle Gal
5. Bullet Proof
6. Drink Me
7. I Got you in
8. The Way to my Heart
9. Daly Suicide
10. Lazy. B
11. Angel Eyes

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