Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - War Of Ages - Arise & Conquer

War Of Ages - Arise & Conquer

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9 out of 10

War Of Ages are one of the more well known bands to come from the Facedown Records roster in recent years and like all Facedown bands they possess an unnerving conviction towards the good book. This shouldn't put you off though because Arise & Conquer is an album that is so full of melody and amazing story telling the lyrics themselves could probably earn a Booker Prize nomination. Musically this album is an absolutely massive step up from their last one in terms of musicianship and crystal clear, hard as nails production courtesy of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis. The album opens with the battle cry "all consuming fire. BURN" and then launches into a lead heavy, chuggy as a tractor riff. This theme continues throughout the album and is interspersed with some of the best melodic guitar work this side of Killswitch Engage.

Don't let their convictions to the church put you off, as this album is set to surely be one of the best of the year for this genre.


1. All Consuming Fire
2. When Faith Turns To Ashes
3. Through The Flames
4. Salvation
5. Sleep Of Prisoners
6. Wages Of Sin
7. Yet Another Fallen Eve
8. Generational Curse
9. The Awakening
10. The Deception Of Strongholds

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