Monday, 17 November 2008

Review - Lemon Bird - Rara Avis

Lemon Bird - Rara Avis

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7 out of 10

Whatever happens, you can be sure that people will always take inspiration from the classics. Some may try and emulate the output; some may be impressed by attitude, arrangements, and composition. Seldom do the bands sound exactly like the ones that inspired them, however there are some exceptions.

Lemon Bird is one of few bands I can think of that have successfully captured the spirit and sound of the ol' Zep. This album, from the outset, stands up close to that sound from the late 60's through to the mid 70's, though it's not spot on. I could deride them for unoriginality, or for relying on a classic formula. I'm not going to; this album is too good to be written of like that. And yes, while the Zep-a-thon does swing throughout, there's still generic heavy rock in here and the odd Asia influence creeping in there. Are those ones just pale generic plodders? No, though they're not the amazingly high toned head and shoulders standouts that you would have expected. I'm not going to go into severe detail here; composition, mixing and arrangement are all pretty solid. Standout Tracks would be 'Stepping outside' for the drum patterns and arrangement, followed by 'Keep On Moving' for its southern inspired blues/country blast.

It's a solid release; just don't expect anything that's new and innovative.


1. Stepping Outside
2. Looking For My Girl
3. Come On
4. I Need Your Love
5. Keep On Moving
6. Grab A Star
7. Hole In My Soul
8. Ain't Gonna Grieve
9. Climbing
10. Don't Hang Up On Me
11. All His Stories
12. (All The Little) Lemon Birds

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