Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - The Lancashire Hotpots - Pot Sounds

The Lancashire Hotpots - Pot Sounds

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7 out of 10

No one is safe from the scathing satire of The Lancashire Hotpots with their latest album Pot Sounds, Chavs, Kaiser Chiefs, supermarkets, TV channels, Ikea and even themselves get sent up. Mixing folk music styles from both the British Isles and America, borrowing tunes from Rawhide, Bullseye, etc.

To say the least these songs are all very amusing, but some don't half go on. And I wonder if they've only recently discovered computers, because it seems half the songs are about using the internet. Although I haven't heard the first album so it may be that that one had plenty about using computers too.

Overall this is an extremely entertaining listen, with some very cleverly written songs. And their humorous ditties have obviously found the right ears as they are going on tour with Paddy McGuiness, which is a very good match.


1. Keys Wallet Phone
2. I Fear Ikea
3. I Heart You Tube
4. Uncle Bernard
5. Deidre
6. Don't make the Polar Bears Cry
7. ESC, ALT, F4
8. Chav
9. Indie Disco
11. The Beer Olympics
12. On The Box
13. The Girl from Bargain Booze

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