Monday, 17 November 2008

Review - Kyte - Two Sparks, Two Stars EP

Kyte - Two Sparks, Two Stars EP

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8 out of 10

Kyte are a band that hails from Leicestershire. Leicestershire has been producing some great music recently, and Kyte are no exception. Their hushed electronic soundscapes will melt even the toughest heart, and may fill some eyes with tears. 'Eyes Lose Their Fire' certainly bought a few to mine. It's probably best to get this out the way. They sound a lot like Sigur Ros. It's obvious that they're going to get this quite a lot, and 'Eyes Lose Their Fire' won't help, with similar instrumentation, vocal stylings and soundscapes. However, their track 'Bridges in the Sky' is a bit of a departure, with a much more electro feel. The track is based around a neat drum pattern, which is surrounded by synths and soft lulling vocals.

'Lights Outside Here' is ten minutes of building music, that takes the listener on a sort of mini journey, with a mixture of what sounds like live and sampled percussion and neat instrumentation. But the highlight for me is the wonderful cover of 'Solsbury Hill'. Kyte have taken the track and managed to make it wonderfully their own, whilst still retaining a lot of the important elements of the original.

Get ready to accept Kyte in to your lives; they may well become your new best friend.


1. Eyes Lose Their Fire
2. Bridges In The Sky
3. Solsbury Hill
4. Lights Outside Here

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