Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - Tortuga - Kings Of Albany

Tortuga - Kings Of Albany

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8 out of 10

You may have heard of them already, you may have seen them destroying a venue near you on any of the countless shows and tours they have racked up already, you may know the name by its association with other "name" bands, if not then I reckon it won’t be long before the name Tortuga is more than familiar to anyone with a love for sonic chaos and riffs. Nasty, evil riffs.

Compromising members of the sadly missed (by me anyway) November Coming Fire, Tortuga churn out a intricate yet dense wall of noise that is equal parts discordance, brooding melody and the almighty riff. "The Lachrymose" drops in on sparse guitar notes droning out and hoarse yelling, this sets up "Dance Like..." to pile into you with it's out of control, rolling riff and screamed vocals. Not a million miles away from the dynamic sonic torment of Breather Resist, Harkonen, Coalesce et al. Thick, noisy riffing and falling-down-the-stairs drumming back up hoarse, screamed vocals. "Bury Me...." unveils the first huge, stomping riff that drops midway through the track and contrasts perfectly with the chaos before it. One of the stand out tracks is the discordant melody of "The Landanum Boys Club", bookended by the droning, feedback built spoken word tracks "Somethingness" and "Nothingness". Then it's back to battering your ears.

Tortuga have crafted a fine set of debut songs here, drawing on some nice influences and possessing an almighty sound, of which the only bad point is the production at times. Nothing intrinsically bad, it's just flat at times when it should destroy. Apart from that minor niggle, Tortuga are onto a winner here. Next time they will clean up.


1. The Lachrymose
2. Dance Like No Ones Watching
3. Bury Me In You (Fatal)
4. Somethingness
5. The Landanum Boys Club
6. Nothingness
7. Winters Widow
8. The Tomb Of John Wortley
9. Hell’s Red Roads
10. Something Blue
11. This Lonely Sailor

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