Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - Crazy Girl - Southern Belle From Hell

Crazy Girl - Southern Belle From Hell

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6 out of 10

How can something be really well done at the same time as it struggles to hold your attention? How can something have so much work put into it but still come across as thrown together? Well, it can. The audio/visual package by Crazy Girl is just that. A CD and DVD packaged together in DVD casing, the DVD containing visuals to nearly all the songs and some "hilarious" ( PR words, not mine) comedy skits.

Well first off, the audio side of it. Strictly a one-woman band, with some help from additional musicians. Crazy Girl touches base on quite a few different genres. Garage rock, electronica, blues, stadium rock, psychedelia and swamp rock all get thrown into the Crazy Girl musical blender and diffused into different tracks.

But here is the main problem; it jumps around an awful lot. Each track being different enough to the last is no bad thing at all, but it comes across like your listening to a compilation at times. The only constant is Crazy Girl’s husky, smoky vocals. In fact, there probably my favourite part of this whole record.

The DVD adds a bit more meat to the overall sound and package. Giving you a visual side to many of the albums tracks. And this is what changed it for me. It made the audio disc click in my head. Lurid animations full of flashing colours and decapitated limbs, carousel horses and little girls with devil horns. It does really add to the whole package. Making it more than worth a listen and watch.


1. Rockin And Rollin
2. Regs
3. Hello There
4. Miss USA
5. Devils Plan
6. Scarry News
7. Giddy Up
8. Testine Testing
9. High Tide Hell
10. Lusty Lady
11. Nackwards Schmackwards
12. Devils Beatin His Wife
13. Run Away
14. The Rebel
15. Down South
16. Kick Yo Booty
17. Day After Day

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