Monday, 17 November 2008

Review - Cancer Bats - Lucifer’s Rocking Chair (Single)

Cancer Bats - Lucifer’s Rocking Chair (Single)

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8 out of 10

It's been a fun year for Cancer Bats. Constant touring over here and in Europe have seen their buzz build up and gain them some tasty promotion and interest. Their sophomore release "Hail Destroyer" has been doing the rounds pretty well. Video and radio play has seen them become a name that most people have heard about or know about.

"Lucifer’s Rocking Chair" takes the foot of the gas of their southern fried, metal/punk hybrid. allowing some rather sweet grooves into the Cancer Bats template. Driven along by a thumping riff and Liam Creamers catchy vocal mantra, the sudden stops to let the guitar ring out with the next riff add a little element of drama to the structure before the rumbling octaves of the final section.

If you like Cancer Bats then you will already have this, but otherwise the album and this song are top stuff and well worth digging.


1. Lucifer’s Rocking Chair

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