Monday, 17 November 2008

Review - Various - On The Bone Compilation Two

Various - On The Bone Compilation Two

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7 out of 10

Leeds based On The Bone have been putting gigs on for a while, and the label grew out of that; to showcase local talent they like. This being the second compilation it's infinitely better than the first, the choice of bands and quality wins over.

So what do you get this time round? Well kicking of with This Et Al doesn’t really do much for me, their weak, Muse-esque garage indie has been boring me for some time. Paul Marshall redeems it with a gentle strum through acoustic pastures. My personal favourites are Pulled Apart By Horses Skronky, angular howl, These Monsters instrumental, saxy, build-up post-rock, Bilge Pump, That Fucking Tank and Dinosaur pile-up all put in stellar turns. Song title award goes to Wintermute and "The Fall of Hans Gruber". Quality.

I could write a list of the bands I don’t like, but that would just be mean, and I am in a good mood so I will say it's a good look at some exciting, interesting bands and there is more than likely something on here for everyone. Good work On The Bone.


1. This Et Al - Special Bear
2. Paul Marshall - Cross Stitched Lips
3. Monty Casino - I Love The Sound Of My Own Voice
4. The Twilight Sad - Watching That Chair painted Yellow
5. Pulled Apart by Horses - High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive
6. Napoleon iiird - The Strong Nuclear Force
7. The Lodger - The Conversation
8. Fran Rodgers - The Watchmen
9. Wintermute - The Fall of Hans Gruber
10. Two Minute Noodles - Hit Me
11. These Monsters - The Naked City
12. Bilge Pump - The Rise And Fall of The Alpha Male
13. That Fucking Tank - Stephen Hawkwind
14. I Concur - Lucky Jack
15. Mucky Sailor - Drunken Dancer
16. Dinosaur Pile-up - Winter Warmer
17. Worriedaboutsatan - Shut You off
18. Benjamin Wetherill - The Flower of Magherelly
19. Grammatics - polar Swelling

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