Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - Kong - Leather Penny (Single)

Kong - Leather Penny (Single)

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8 out of 10

Andy Falkous claims that seeing Kong live caused him to instantaneously develop eczema. The mere fact that the Future Of The Left mainman has taken an interest in these Manchester boys should give you an idea of the quality and insanity on offer.

After a minute of bass-heavy riffage, somewhat reminiscent of Baroness or Nottingham's much-missed Legion Of Doom, the near-scat vocals kick in, accompanied by a screeching guitar line, both as deranged, unnecessary and wonderful as each other. It seems we now have local boys able to match anything the Melvins or the Butthole Surfers decide to torment us with. And so it continues for about three minutes, veering between loosening your bowels and your dog's earwax, before going for a big, loud, overdriven finish that will no doubt cave heads in when played live.

And yes, probably give you eczema, too.


1. Leather Penny

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