Monday, 24 November 2008

Review - La Dispute - Somewere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega & Altair

La Dispute - Somewere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega & Altair

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10 out of 10

The inception of La Dispute can be attributed to the year two thousand and four. Since this time they've released an impressive two EP's and one seven inch. This, their first full length proper, shows the progression and maturation of a band that has more talent than what shows through on the first listen. Vocalist Jordan Dreyer starts the proceedings with a near monologue, setting the lyrical bar high for the strained emotional ride, which you embark upon throughout the rest of the album. Musically this album is a brooding, jagged, discordant mess layered with melody and introspection so deep you're left wondering if the respective band members are actually at one with their instruments rather than just emoting through them.

Throughout the rollercoaster ride that is Somewere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega & Altair, you're left with a feeling of foreboding, not wondering what will come next and how deep an impact the cathartic howls will leave. From franticly picked guitar lines, to single note ring outs, this album is special in a way that every screamo and emo fan can appreciate, apart from the ones in guyliner and tight black pants. An album of this magnitude would probably be lost on them.


1. Such Small Hands
2. Said The King To The River
3. New Storms For Older Lovers
4. Damaged Goods
5. Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
6. Bury Your Flame
7. Last Blues For Bloody Knuckles
8. The Castle Builders
9. Andria
10. Then Again, Maybe You Were Right
11. Sad Prayers For Guilty Bodies
12. The Last Lost Continent
13. Nobody, Not Even The Rain

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