Monday, 24 November 2008

Review - Various - The Casino Brawl/Elias Last Day/First Signs Of Frost - Split EP

Various - The Casino Brawl/Elias Last Day/First Signs Of Frost - Split EP

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8 out of 10

The Casino Brawl
Rehashed Misery Signals wannabe metalcore by numbers TCB have some solid ideas but don't seem to materialise on them on their respective musician's abilities. You're left with something that sounds like Bring Me The Horizon being asked to play more Gothenburg riffs. No doubt that will stoke the boners of countless "metal" kids up and down the country.

Elias Last Day
Over the course of the past four or so years, this band has gone from good to worse proving that the large majority of the time, getting shows is more about who you know than how talented you are. Breakdowns get boring quickly, especially when they're mixed with middle of the road riffs that The Dillinger Escape Plan binned. They do have one redeeming feature though; they'll be able to fill the void that Eternal Lord has left in the UK "metal" scene.

First Signs Of Frost
These tracks stick out like the proverbial sore thumb on this split. They have more ideas crammed into their songs than the two former bands and by god they actually know how to use them. Melodic, discordant and clean vocals that actually sound well placed for once, this is still metalcore by numbers, but it's thoroughly enjoyable.


The Casino Brawl
1. Into The Light
2. The Regression

Elias Last Day
3. In The Red
4. Sundown On Twenty Seven

First Signs Of Frost
5. Through The Exterior
6. Sing Sing Aint My Style

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