Monday, 24 November 2008

Review - Goldblade - City Of Christmas Ghosts (Single)

Goldblade - City Of Christmas Ghosts (Single)

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2 out of 10

Christmas singles by and large suck the largest dog eggs imaginable. Goldblade have tried to redeem this and roped in a guest vocalist in the form of former X Ray Spex member Poly Styrene. Not only is her name laughable, her vocal contribution to this record severely spoils what could have otherwise been a middle of the road punk song. This does have some novelty value. Infact it's quite comedic to hear a band such as Goldblade who are normally quite good release something that is as atrocious as this. Hare Krishna chants towards the end of the track too, come on guys, you're not bloody Shelter.


1. City Of Christmas Ghosts

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