Monday, 17 November 2008

Review - Andrea McEwan - Candle In A Chatroom

Andrea McEwan - Candle In A Chatroom

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6 out of 10

'Candle In A Chatroom' is the debut EP from singer songwriter Andrea McEwan. McEwan has an impressive record, after writing with Katie Melua and being picked up by Mike Batt. The track seems to lack some lyrical depth, and basically rotates around the lack of romance in cyber relationships. At least it's current.

'Black Socks in the Wash' works a bit better, with some nice interplay between the vocals and the electric guitar. McEwan does have a nice voice, and it's not too dissimilar from her label-mate Katie Melua.

'Fast Train' is a piano based track, which contains a little more lyrical maturity, and some nice instrumentation.

In the modern age, I think it really takes something special to set one songwriter apart from another, and to constantly improve on the talent that is coming out, but I'm afraid I don't think Andrea McEwan has it.


1. Candle In A Chatroom
2. Black Socks In The Wash
3. Fast Train

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