Thursday, 20 November 2008

Review - Last House On The Left - Among The Flies

Last House On The Left - Among The Flies

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3 out of 10

US stalwarts Ferret Records teamed up with UK based upstart label Siege Of Amida Records just over eighteen months ago. In that time, they've both been putting out some absolutely blinding metalcore and deathcore releases. Last House On The Left somehow manage to fall into the mediocre, quickly grows stale pile somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, and a part of me wishes the musical creativity anchor that is keeping them there doesn't move any time soon.


1. Overture Of The Maleficia
2. Forever Dying
3. Bloodletting The Sun
4. Nights Ardor
5. Some Like To Bleed
6. Blackest Grain
7. Be Still
8. Among Flies
9. Liath Loinneach
10. In The Name Of The Wolf
11. Lupus Occasus

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