Saturday, 21 March 2009

Review - Stone Gods - Start Of Something

Stone Gods - Start Of Something

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7 out of 10

With this single and the acoustic b-sides I feel that Stone Gods are trying to show that they aren’t all high octane rock which overshadows the quieter songs on the album. ’Start of Something’ is a grower for sure, when I first listened to it I could think as to why they’d release it as a single, but as I’ve already said it shows that they’re not just a one trick pony. And this is a very Brian Adams-esque song with a large sound which still rocks but after a different fashion to previous singles like ’Knight of the Living Dead’.

The acoustic b-sides are a nice addition and a welcome change to the usual album or live tracks as b-sides. The stand out song on the whole single is Don’t Drink the Water which has converted nicely to acoustic and they’ve gone for a more country vibe with it and the other acoustic tracks. The production is spot on and as Stone Gods Front Man Richie Edwards states ’Start of Something’ is ’a real hands in the air, "you won’t stop me f*cker" song!’ as he talks about the positive outlook of the lyrics and I for one have to agree.


1. Start Of Something
2. Don’t Drink The Water (Acoustic)
3. Things Could Be Worse (Acoustic)
4. Where You Comin’ From (Acoustic)

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