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Review - Drumattic Twins - Back To The Old School / Drum Thunder (Single)

Drumattic Twins - Back To The Old School / Drum Thunder (Single)

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9 out of 10

Drumattic Twins in one form or another have been an integral part of the dance genre for a very long time. In this day and age of here today gone tomorrow in the electronica / DJing industry, it's great to see that this excellent second single release from their highly anticipated upcoming second album 'Hammer And Tongs' the Drumattic Twins are still doing what they do best.

'Back To The Old School' is a beloved tribute to the hands in the air free raves of their previous guise as 'Shades Of Rhythm'. The track really works, it doesn't hang about with a long intro, the beats are there right at the start and then when the piano hook comes in the tune really picks up the pace. I can see this track being used at the start of a DJ set, and I bet there will be some excellent remixes floating around very soon. The main part of the tune is the excellent rave piano; it really took me back to my old Eclipse days and waiting around the service stations on a sat eve, waiting to see which free raves were going to be taking place in the home counties that night. If I had a whistle, I would blow it in tribute to the Drumattic's, who after all their hard work deserve at least that and more.

The second track on this release is 'Drum Thunder', it's back to the more drum orientated tunes that the Twins do. There is a long intro with the beats and drums working very well together. When the vocals come in, the beats seem to speed up and the whole thing gels well. There are a lot of breaks in this tune, allowing a DJ to slip in and out of the song any number of times. Around the 4 minute mark comes the big break and then with a great vocal play around it heads back into the track. The Drum Thunder got me and I loved it.

If you've read this all the way through, you might have realised that I quite like the Drumattic Twins and this type of dance music, and you're not wrong. The Twins first album is a classic dance long player in my mind, and if this single is anything to go by, their second album won't disappoint either. My advice would be to buy this single and let them into your life as well, you won't be let down.


1. Back To The Old School
2. Drum Thunder

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