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Review - BM Linx - Black Entertainment

BM Linx - Black Entertainment

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6 out of 10

Black Entertainment starts with a promise, a Valentine's promise:

"We want to take you for a rise, we're gonna make everything alright, leave your thoughts and fears to the side, this one's for you my valentine"

This is a hedonist's call to arms, a promise of things to come as the thumping prelude really kicks off into The Outlaw Jim Rose which is the sound of electronica rocking with the swagger of The Rolling Stones. This is how Nine Inch Nails might have sounded if Trent Reznor had discovered MDMA and The Stone Roses instead of Throbbing Gristle and befriending Brian Warner. In fact perhaps BM Linx should rename themselves The Rolling Stone Roses. Fuck it BM Linx is a more than suitable name as it hints at their big beat predisposition much as Underworld's name suggests basement-like rave thrashings.

Red House Empty sounds like DJ Shadow remixing a Led Zeppelin song about the chemical generation and just when you think its going to let up they find another gear and barbarically it urges your body on. This album also includes an acoustic version of the all American rawk song Understanding Orange in which it comes across as a less than middle of the road dullition of the original. Dreary.

This album could be described as the soundtrack to the year of the party crasher (sorry Keith Buckley but BM Linx might have stolen it), this band, in the words of The Flight Of The Conchords, "Like to rock the party". Unfortunately like anyone who parties there must be a comedown and this comes in the form of Clean Dirt which starts out as the sort of introspective, self indulgent pandering that contents all those scraped-empty types on Sunday afternoons and this continues with the acoustic stylings of instrumental White Limousine which slowly perks you up until you realise it is in fact Saturday and it is time to do it all over again with the bass throbbing, overdriven stomper Find the Water.

Fun in the "let's get blind and forget things" sense of the word, this unlikely however to have much in the way of staying power in our ADHD driven society but for a quick blast of grintastic gurn gravy, slap it on.


1. Valentine
2. The Outlaw Jimmy Rose
3. Kids on Fire
4. Red House Been Empty
5. Clean Dirt
6. White Limousine
7. Find The Water
8. 123CAT
9. Defender
10. Ives Park
11. UO Acoustic

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