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Review - Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine

Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine

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8 out of 10

Describing an album with one word certainly seems like a challenge, but I can’t think of a better word that encapsulates Delta Spirit than California.

Let's break it down though; California is an American state not a musical genre. But think of every general mental image that California inspires and you wouldn’t be far off the mark with what this album achieves.

I know what you’re thinking " haven’t The Thrills already done this?" and yes you’d be right to a degree, but Delta Spirit are far more versatile than any of their best efforts, the perfect example would be track 3 entitled ’People C’mon’. It somehow manages to project the images of sun, sea and BBQ’s yet does all this with a prevalent sinister over tone hinting to the best work that bands like The Coral have achieved, no mean feat from my personal opinion.

Speaking of BBQ’s, this is the situation I can most imagine this album thriving in, the sun shining and the meta party atmosphere, chance for the melodies to be indulged and the range of instruments to be enjoyed.

Delta Spirit certainly wear their influences on their sleeves during Ode to Sunshine, familiarities can be noticed from bands such as Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Bob Dylan. Fortunately though none to similar to be labelled copycat but more nods to the greats that have inspired, and there’s certainly no Oasis style ’let's copy that’ attitude.

Perhaps I’m being overly positive but I enjoyed Ode to Sunshine so why not be? If I was being picky and deliberately trying to spot faults I could say the production is lacking and perhaps some songs lack a certain punch to have any great substance, but these are niggling issues which do not alter the general experience I had with the album.

Delta Spirit certainly put together a well paced and thoroughly enjoyable album, while perhaps not an essential purchase it’s certainly worth your time, it was mine.


1. Tomorrow Goes Away
2. Trashcan (song)
3. People ’cmon
4. House Built or Two
5. Strange vine
6. Streetwalker
7. People Turn Around
8. Parade
9. Bleeding Bells
10. Children
11. Ode to Sunshine

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