Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Metro Station - Shake It (Single)

Metro Station - Shake It (Single)

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4 out of 10

Coming on stronger than an advert for clean teeth and fresh breath, this zesty bubblegum-pop single by Miley Cyrus' brother's band contains the right ingredients to give teens something to smile, sing and shout about too. Metro Station reportedly owe their success to the power of the internet and it's community sites, but if the incessantly catchy hooks and energy that's charging through the melodies on this offering's anything to go by their music's attributed to their popularity too. To some the stimulating sounds on Shake It will tire quicker than the flavour disappearing out of said fresh breath bubblegum, as there is a persistent generic aspect of their sound too and how do you Shake It? Or, shake what exactly?


1. Shake It (Radio Mix)
2. Shake It (Instrumental)

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