Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Voluntary Butler Scheme, The - Multiplayer (Single)

Voluntary Butler Scheme, The - Multiplayer (Single)

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6 out of 10

Forget the Bermuda Triangle - the Voluntary Butler Scheme is where dead rock stars hang out. It's on MySpace, it must be true - Marc Bolan on bass, the King on guitars, Roy Orbison on glockenspiel. . . Anyway, back in what passes for the real world, we have music that could bring a smile to the face of the recently deceased. The spirit of the Kinks has truly passed onto this band from Stourbridge, who mix up the whimsical British pop template with the best of Parklife-era Blur and some prime Hefner wit. Indeed, the VBS are carrying on a tradition, here, with lyrics such as 'you can't go treating my heart like bagpipes any more' - a tradition running past those Kentish darlings of Peel to the likes of Barrett and Stanshall. And all with a perfectly-judged Motown vibe, too. Get it on!


1. Multiplayer
2. Alarm Clock

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