Monday, 30 March 2009

Review - Nekkrosis - Technotic Subversion

Nekkrosis - Technotic Subversion

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6 out of 10

An extreme metal Blue Jam of an album, Technotic Subversion is the sound of a man being eaten by the hordes of Cthulhu whilst Slayer and Rage Against The Machine play in the background. At the same time. In a cave. Surrounded by screaming children. And zombies. The standard criticism of 'you can't hear the words' is really a blessing in disguise, once you read the lyrics kindly reproduced with the album - that's if the song titles haven't given you a clue, of course.

Top of the pops here are; Psychotic Cannibal Massacre ('Satan said this is my key to hell.'), Crackwhore and Scrotesque (Note how I refrain from quoting those last two). This is an album to worry parents, frighten children and probably kill small animals.


1. Reanimated Flesh
2. Only The Dead
3. Psychotic Cannibal Massacre
4. Shit
5. Crackwhore
6. Death Is A Sexual Preference
7. Scrotesque
8. Ceremonial Clit Confiscation
9. Scene Queens
10. Ye Olde Skool Slaughter

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