Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Nik Drou - Here's to Future Nostagia!

Nik Drou - Here's to Future Nostagia!

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5 out of 10

Hello Nik!

I know he's reading this, as I found his blog!! On it, he admits that he is spends his days searching google, looking for album reviews - well here is another one for the collection!

A thesaurus in each hand and a crate of energy drinks at his side, this MC brings us an explosion of brain-fart's that have been collected onto vinyl for your listening pleasure. Listening to Nik Drou's new 12" is like being cornered by someone at a party and forced to listen them ramble on about conspiracy theories, the state of the nation, petrol prices, growing poverty gap, office politics. whilst listening to Metal Machine Music. At first interesting, then oppressive. Nik Drou has too much to say.

The first track "Uni of Life" - chock full of smart lyrical observations about the trials and tribulations of internet research.. and then a collection of incessant rhymes that exhaust the listener more than anything.

The second track "Bullshit Machine" is an odd affair - sparse Dalek-style beats with a GLC vocal style. "Death by Snoo Snoo" is a fisher price sampler special with some megaphone effects that were stolen out of the Stereo MC's back pocket. The last track "We Already Know Too Much" is the highlight of the 12" - I just can't stop thinking of the Hitcher from Mighty Boosh!?

Nik has got some good ideas, they're just all over the place and really hard to comprehend with having them written down and numbered. Shows promise, buts needs direction.

Any DJ's need an MC - extensive vocabulary, needs focus - will rap for good beats!


1. Uni of Life!
2. Bullshit Machine
3. Death by Snoo-Snoo
4. We Already Know Too Much

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