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Review - Sneaky Sound System - Sneaky Sound System

Sneaky Sound System - Sneaky Sound System

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2 out of 10

When The Sound broke out of their native Scandinavia the kind of sound SSS are trying to emulate on this self titled debut was a fresh and innovative take on the electro fused guitar pop of the late eighties. Three years too late however and SSS have managed to make a pedestrianised version of all those records that set benchmarks for what could be done with the watered down retro kitsch Topshop was pushing that season. In terms of song writing, it's melodic, shiny in places and sounds nicely produced, but not overdone. This album does what it does well and if it were released as an EP it might gain quite a bit of notice. However, due to the nature of its contents, it gets old, fast.

With that said, if you need easy listening this will do the trick. Coming to the background music of a Hollyoaks episode soon...


1. I Love It
2. Pictures
3. UFO
4. 16
5. It's Not My Problem
6. Kansas City
7. When We Were Young
8. I Just Don't Want To Be Loved
9. Because of You People Say I'm Crazy
10. Lost In The Future
11. Don't Get You
12. I Want Everything
13. Where Do I Begin

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