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Review - Rolo Tomassi - EP (Reissue)

Rolo Tomassi - EP (Reissue)

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8 out of 10

With their debut album out last year Rolo-Tomassi come-of-age (in years and music) with the re-release of 2006's untitled EP with new artwork and lyrics to help trace your journey into their world.

Imagine being thrown into the heart of a frenzied brawl, fast and ferocious it leaves multiple people pile-ups as it jumps to the next victim, this is not dissimilar to the enthralling fracas that erupts on this CD, pulling you through each volatile track with its magnetic hold.

Genre blurring or defying, there's much to pull apart and wonder at with Rolo Tomassi's amalgam of sinister synth-core come post-hard-gore which is chip-tuned like a beat-em-up / slice n' dice video-game that's springing to life in front of your.ears. With track titles like Cirque De Funk the Sheffield five-piece eagerly nod in acknowledgement towards the more crazy elements of their music which could be Primus meets Polysics in Fuck The Pleasantries Let's Remix (Colon Open Bracket Remix). To some it's inexplicable and headache inducing, to others it's intoxicating and genius. After looking back to this EP, these charming tykes, still so young, have lots to look forward to and many more to excite.


1. Film Noir
2. Curby
3. Cirque Du Funk
4. Seagull
5. C Is For Calculus
6. Fuck The Pleasantries Lets Remix (Colon Open Bracket Remix)
7. C Is For Drowning Under Waves Of Listless Apathy (Ornine Remix)

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