Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Billy Vincent - Sugar & Soap (Single)

Billy Vincent - Sugar & Soap (Single)

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5 out of 10

This London five-piece describe themselves as 'dirty folk', which you may think is a description of the music. Not so. I have no idea of their collective personal hygiene but 'dirty folk' this most certainly is not - at least, not on record. Live may be a different kettle of squirmy herring, of course, but I'm not reviewing that - this is the plastic platter, or the virtual va-va-voom, so to speak. There's potential for greatness, here. Sugar & Soap has a grabbing catchy stomp about it, like a (much) younger Jackie Leven. Sequins is the same, with some firm slide guitar, it's just. well, let's put it this way - if you've never heard anything by the sorry one-hit wonder Jilted John, then Billy Vincent are a perfectly sound, rockabilly-tinged folk band. However, if you have heard that 'Gordon is a moron', then the 'dirtiness' of this band's intent may be, er, tarnished somewhat.


1. Sugar & Soap
2. Sequins

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