Monday, 30 March 2009

Review - Metric - Fantasies

Metric - Fantasies

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9 out of 10

Members and collaborators of Broken Social Scene are just so damn spellbinding; whether it's Feist, Stars, Jason Collett, or in this particular case, synth-pop outfit, Metric. Fronted by the remarkable Emily Haines, Metric also features fellow BSS-er, James Shaw on guitar and is rounded out by Josh Winstead and Joules Scott-Key on bass and drums, respectively. The band's forth album, "Fantasies", is a decagonal steam of luscious melodies anchored by Haines' gossamer vocals.

Describing "Fantasies" in simple adjectives is a lesson in folly. Existing as abrasive and silken, buoyant and dreary, intricate and undemanding, "Fantasies" occupies multiple planes, transcending the traditional concepts of pop music. Whether it's the lashing overdriven bass of "Front Row" with Haines asserting, "He's not perfect / He's my hero / Smashing the piano / Spitting on the front row" or the guitar-propelled and seemingly Depeche Mode-inspired "Sick Muse," ("You better watch out / Cupid stuck with me a sickness / Pull your little arrows out") there's a inspired duality present in many of the songs. Conflict and concord exist on the same level and it's that byzantine emotional mire that ultimately sets you the listener free.

Let's forget for a moment that "Front Row" was featured in a recent episode of Gray's Anatomy; everyone deserves to pay their bills. Bottom line, "Fantasies" is one of the finest and most rewarding albums that I've heard this year. "Satellite Mind," Help I'm Alive" and "Blindness" take an extraordinary effort and thrust into a whole other echelon. Consider this an obligatory twitter and check out Metric post-haste.


1. Help I'm Alive
2. Sick Muse
3. Satellite Mind
4. Twilight Galaxy
5. Gold Guns and Girls
6. Gimme Sympathy
7. Collect Call
8. Front Row
9. Blindness
10. Stadium Love

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