Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Chasing Ora - Here and Winning (Single)

Chasing Ora - Here and Winning (Single)

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5 out of 10

With an attitude like Here & Winning, there's no stopping London and Essex based sextet Chasing Ora. The group's debut single evokes a nineties sound, particularly that of an array of female artists with Sheryl Crow somehow triumphing on top of those long forgotten sisters, Alisha's Attic (Who? Exactly!) a coincidence considering the four men in the band are fronted by sisters, Natalie and Joanna Jones.

The melodies and vocals laying on top of each other in this track give Chasing Ora an enigmatic sound with many layers to peel back, but as they are all similarly toned there's no surprise waiting underneath, just a stamping drum beat. Though feisty, this offering is laid-back, and suggest that perhaps Chasing Ora are most listenable live, which could explain the band's cemented presence among London's turbulent live scene, where they are 'there and winning' apparently!


1. Here and Winning
2. Running Scared

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