Sunday, 29 March 2009

Review - Imelda May - Love Tattoo

Imelda May - Love Tattoo

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8 out of 10

Is Jazzabilly an acceptable musical genre? 'Cos it pretty much sums this album up quite nicely. There are tracks that are pretty much all out Rockabilly, and those which slow it right down in a smoky backroom jazz style, but the majority of the songs fall somewhere between the two, and it works really well - due in no small part to Imelda's fantastic voice. Husky and sexy she never sounds like she's giving it less than 110%.

I'm normally one of the most static people you'll ever meet, but every time I put this album on I find myself tapping my feet and nodding my head, and if I'm not careful one of these days I'm going to start dancing round the room and really freak my housemates out.

If you like the idea of Amy Winehouse but aren't so keen on the horrible tabloid filling reality or the ridiculous over the top caricatured wailing then you just might love this.


1. Johnny Got a Boom Boom
2. Feel Me
3. Knock 123
4. Wild About My Lovin'
5. Big Bad Handsome Man
6. Love Tattoo
7. Meet You at the Moon
8. Smokers' Song
9. Smotherin' Me
10. Falling in Love With You Again
11. It's Your Voodoo Working
12. Watcha Gonna Do

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