Monday, 30 March 2009

Review - Too Pure To Die - Confess

Too Pure To Die - Confess

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1 out of 10

I let out a huge sigh as Too Pure To Die’s latest "effort" comes to a conclusion. A lot of genre names get thrown around these days, and very little it seems is black and white any more. But calling this band ’metalcore’ is borderline offensive. In fact, calling them anything but ’shit’ should be punishable by law. "Am I getting through now?" No, Paul, no you are not. Please stop this nonsense.

Two complete spins of ’Confess’ and I still can’t find a single redeeming feature therein. Horrible nu metal production, intertwined with weak vocals and songs akin to a Pritt Stick; trying so hard to glue to you but always failing. At least Linkin Park has catchy songs.

A completely forgettable album and a completely forgettable band. Hailing from Des Moines, they’re also not doing themselves any favours by sounding like Slipknot. At the best of times, they come across like a watered-down, poor man’s version of Hatebreed mixed in with the aforementioned Iowa nonet, which says it all. At the worst, they sound like a sub standard nu metal band who would have found themselves swept under the carpet ten years ago, let alone in 2009.

The strength of Trustkill’s past roster, as well as some quality recent releases (see Adversary’s ’Singularity’ for an example of this) will surely go even further to erasing Too Pure To Die from existence. I’m not going to waste my time or theirs any longer. About as essential as mood music in a knocking shop. Avoid.


1. Confess
2. My Vow
3. Gotham City
4. Can I Live
5. Saving Grace
6. One True Thing
7. Define Irony
8. Rock Bottom
9. Omerta
10. Trial
11. Find My Way

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