Monday, 30 March 2009

Review - Left Alone - Left Alone

Left Alone - Left Alone

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3 out of 10

This 'street punk' trio from Los Angeles care nothing for critics, apparently, so they won't mind the likes of me describing them as a bizarre, future-echo McFly, desperately shouty and about as unique and meaningful as Busted. If it's a weekend and you fancy pogo-ing your silly haircut off then they're the band for you. Wishing Well has a catchy chorus, Low Fidelity could be on the soundtrack to some godawful cartoon called The Clash Babies. Otherwise, the best that can be said is that the songs are all no longer than three minutes each and the bassist's called Nick Danger. I think I care about as much as they do.


1. Spiked With Pain
2. Branded
3. Sad Story
4. Bottles of Wine
5. Porcelain
6. Bombs Away
7. Brindle
8. Intermission
9. Self Made
10. Wishing Well
11. Empty
12. Low Fidelity
13. Do The Depression
14. Something For Nothing
15. Get Dead

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