Monday, 30 March 2009

Review - Nephu Huzzband - No, Not Ever (Single)

Nephu Huzzband - No, Not Ever (Single)

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7 out of 10

A cliché as worn out as Gazza's sanity is that you eat first with your eyes, a sentiment that chef of the moment Heston Blumenthal no doubt agrees with and so to do the four minds behind Nephu Huzzband. Their deliciously packaged new single proves testament to this theory with its charcoal black cardboard wallet in which nestles the blacker than the night CD (the finish of which is more than deliberately reminiscent of wax) but thankfully these are no Lady Gaga types - pleasing to the eye, jeopardising to the ear - and this only applies to the music, Bring Me the Horizon would balk at the lack of matching haircuts.

What you do in fact get is the sound of Joseph Fritz' first night in prison, of straight jackets being loosened and above all the sound of guitars left discarded on stage as feedback reigns and a lovelorn crowd pleads for more. Taking cues from grind masters such as Army of Flying Robots, Melt Banana, Among the Missing and Pig Destroyer but shovelling it through an Indie rock mangle. Creating a clean gleam for this Ian McKaye loving (yes there are definite aspects of Fugazi as well as Minor Threat here) punk progression. No Not Ever is the sound of a minute long blowtorch blast much akin to Mike Patton favourites East West Blast Test smashing their way through a cover of Blur's We've Got a File on You.

The list of comparisons could go on forever, namedropping further acts such as .And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Sonic Youth, Joy Division and At the Drive In but this would all be in vain because although the band with the slightly bizarre incestuous insinuated name do take elements from all of the aforementioned, they blend them together into an excitingly different but palatable cocktail. Pour yourself a glass.


1. No, Not Ever

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