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Review - Triple Agent - Teen Slasher EP

Triple Agent - Teen Slasher EP

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8 out of 10

The "Teen Slasher EP" is the debut effort of Swiss breaks DJ Triple Agent and it certainly leaves a noticeable mark. Yet the four tracks on this EP do not sound like they are from the any trashy Hollywood teen slasher flick that I have ever laid eyes on. Naturally this can only be a good thing.

The title track 'Teen Slasher' is a horror show of oscillating synth and hard lines that soars high and refused to come down, making for a harrowing nocturnal ordeal that only gets darker as it progresses through it's 10 minute duration, peppered with ghastly cackles straight out of Ed Wood movie starring Bela Lugosi. Hints of Death in Vegas's amp fiddling and Fischerspooner's retro stylings seem to appear from this track's gloomy recesses on more than one occasion.

'Mars Needs Women' features lounge club grooves, twinkling synth and funky bass, backing amusing sounds bytes mixed together to create a dialogue regarding the red planet, women and mutants. With the metronomic thumping bass and hollow alien grooves you can almost picture a cafeteria within a pressured Martian base, full of bored miners congregating around the corners of the drab room: leaning against tables pushed up against the walls, nursing their imported Earth lagers, their gaunt faces decorated by the light reflected off the spinning disco ball hanging overhead, wishing indeed there were some women on Mars to keep them entertained. 'Catch A Fire' is a Fruity Loops fanatic's wet dream of bouncing synth lines and brooding bass that steadily builds. Strong Techno undertones, extensive vocoder use and equalizer fiddling creates a dangerous track that sounds similar to the Hot Rod Herman remix of Rob Zombie's 'Dragula', another reaching almost the 10 minute mark. 'Mesca' is much of the same as the preceding tracks with howling lead guitar samples thrown into the fray.

As a debut the 'Teen Slasher EP' is a bold statement of retro styled dance floor beats. Maybe the only downfall is the length of the tracks, which are an absolute gift to any DJ's looking for something to chop up and play around with, but maybe too much of a mouthful for the casual listener. Hopefully in future works the tracks will be pruned down to the real base elements in which Triple Agent's little dance floor horrors will truly come into their own.


1. Teen Slasher
2. Mars Needs Women
3. Catch A Fire
4. Mescal

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