Sunday, 15 February 2009

Review - Xykogen - Terminology

Xykogen - Terminology

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2 out of 10

Aaaaaaaaaaaarggggh! Another band stuffed full of weird names for the sake of it.

London based techno-industrial band Xykogen are frankly, very, very dull, but the kind of stuff cyberpunks entirely lust over. Mindless beat follows mindless beat and the whole mass is covered with some Enya-esque vocal warbling that, I presume, is supposed to be some kind of haunting reminder of the pointlessness of the human spirit.

Maybe I simply don't understand, and therefore am simply flipping Xykogen aside without truly attempting to engage in their message, but if I didn't get it in 41 minutes, I probably would never get it at all.


1. Metallaxis
2. No Heaven
3. Terminology
4. My Unquiet Mind
5. As If By Magick
6. Evolve
7. Hashishin
8. An Die Freude
9. Terminology (Reprise)

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