Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review - Victorian Halls - Victorian Halls EP

Victorian Halls - Victorian Halls EP

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6 out of 10

Could sounding like a deranged Panic At The Disco be a good idea? If PATD listened to loads of Blood Brothers and The Locust then Death From Above 1979 held a gun to their heads and forced them to write music relating to the exact situation they were in at that moment then you might end up with this EP by Victorian Halls. Jangle/jarring guitars bang up against shards of piano and electronic bleeps and synth squelches. In fact, Johnny and Billy from Blood Brothers could be the one’s trading the vocals here, so close are Sean and Burns Shotwell (if that’s your real name) playground call and response chants to the much missed 31G lot that you would think at times you were listening to a long lost recording.

Victorian Halls rely more on the melodic pop element than there noisier fore-fathers. "I’m Gonna Eat Your Brains And Gain Your Knowledge" is the perfect example of this. The vocals are what carry this tune and is without a doubt the highlight of the EP. In fact, I would say it's worth buying just for that song. I would indeed.


1. Desperate Storyline
2. Neon Skies Light My Nerves Up
3. It's Not Fad It's Etiquette
4. I’m Gonna Eat Your Brains And Gain Your Knowledge

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