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Review - Jyager - Encrypted Scriptures

Jyager - Encrypted Scriptures

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7 out of 10

Born and raised in the sunny climes of Portugal, the now UK resident Jyager looks set to be the next relative unknown to climb out of the darkness of the UK streets thanks to the heads over at VNR Records. Encrypted Scriptures is the perfect mixture of dark bass laden beats laid down entirely by VNR's very own CEE WHY and poetic, yet grim as the north east lyrics with that distinctive southern twang.

Like any good hip hop joint this record isn't short of guest emcees. Bars come courtesy of Foreign Beggars, Kashmere (Frozen In The Night), Verb T and Kyza (Seconds, Hours and Minutes); as to be expected, the track with the Jehst bars (The Session) is the stand out of the album. Both emcees have a style and flow that seems to complement each other more so than the others on here and is one hundred percent head nod potion.

Good words aside, this album does drag on a little and you'll probably find it better put to use in a mix playlist than a full on, track after track listen.


1. Eyes Open
2. Somewhere In Paradise
3. Frozen In The Night
4. Yellow Brick Road
5. Tipsey Silent Monkey Man
6. Actors In The Frame
7. Crystal Mirrors
8. The Session
9. Never Gonna Bring Me Down
10. See It To Believe It
11. Seconds, Hours and Minutes
12. Didn't Wanna Have To Do It

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