Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review - Jeniferever - Nangijala EP

Jeniferever - Nangijala EP

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9 out of 10

Sigur Ros get a lot of press, and rightly so - they're an amazing band, producing some beautiful music. Every now and then though, I hear something that makes me thing "Hey! Maybe there's more to Scandinavian post-Mogwai space rock than just Sigur Ros!"

This EP is one of those times. Sure, it's nothing hugely new or groundbreaking, and it treads much the same ground as the aforementioned Icelandic wonders or the Appleseed Cast, for example. It's that blend of sedately paced melody building to a crescendo that we all know and love. But Jeniferever pull it off with much more style than most, making this a must listen if you're an ambient post-rock fan, and easily worth a go if you're not.


1. Nangijala
2. When Our Hands Clasped
3. Openings to Stories

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