Thursday, 19 February 2009

News - Tera Melos: Idioms Vol.1

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An update from Tera Melos:

"we are currently living in the sargent house cave in LA working on a new record.

so many friggin shows in march- rx bandits/sxsw/these arms are snakes

we’re repressing drugs to the dear youth on 10" vinyl. remixed and remastered. in addition we’ll be releasing a bundle of the stems from that session. so you can do remixes, or pick apart the sloppy ass guitar playing and figure out how to play 40 rods, or learn to play free jazz drums. you can shove them up your ass for all we care. the bundle will probably set you back about $5.

we’re also pressing Idioms Vol. I on 7" vinyl. technically we can’t sell them, so we’ll be offering a white, 8.5x11" piece of paper for $8. with each piece of paper you buy you get a free copy of Idioms. more info soon on both vinyl releases.

we’re working on a full US tour for april/may. don’t have a lot of info on this right now. more to come.

if you have not yet downloaded Idioms, you can find it at we were having technical problems with the site recently. i think the kid that used to host the site freaked out when he realized how many people were downloading that fucker. so we’re working on getting it back up. should be back up on ,monday

that’s all for now. thanks to everyone for coming out to our shows last month. they were swell.

more to come."

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