Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review - Mastodon - Divinations (Single)

Mastodon - Divinations (Single)

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8 out of 10

The first single from highly anticipated new studio album "Crack the Skye"; Mastodon are back with possibly their most accessible single to date. There is no doubt that Divinations is going to fast become, not only a popular Mastodon song, but very possibly their cross-over track.

This really is perfect single material, not too heavy, not too harsh but with all the elements of Mastodon that make them so likeable and appreciated. That said, Divinations is nothing particularly or wonderfully innovative; it's your standard 'metal' verse, chorus, verse situation, but it works. It works well. There is also a menacing, torrid pace to the track which doesn't let up until its punishing end (but not before one hell of a guitar solo*).

Mastodon have, for a long while now been on the precipice; yet have miraculously managed to retain their integrity. I am already aware that Mastodon will be appearing at the major festivals this summer, and I am confident that Mastodon will be a huge hit there, as will this song.

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* Seriously.


1. Divinations

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