Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review - The Fancy Toys - Gypsy Eyes (Single)

The Fancy Toys - Gypsy Eyes (Single)

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7 out of 10

Whilst studying media and all things television, a phrase that I hear all too often is "consider your target audience" so I'm glad that most who choose to make music never do this.

It is for that reason that occasionally you come across an artist or group of artists who easily appeal to a whole multitude of music fanatics. The Fancy Toys are one such ensemble.

Between the two of them, Mickael and James seem to be able to play any instrument placed in their hands and are influenced by jazz, art, funk, pop and computers. The result of that being that they create music which conjures images of a sedated Gogol Bordello playing songs from Bugsy Malone and Monty Python outside a Parisian café on a sunny afternoon, as a Citroen cruises by with a film crew trailing it.

I realise that's perhaps difficult to imagine so if I just tell you that listening to them will make all the credit crunch worries fritter away for a while leaving you smiling and thinking about how fun the world can be sometimes, that's maybe a more accurate way of describing this joyfully quirky, upbeat and playful musical offering.


1. Gypsy Eyes
2. Immoral
3. Fancy Toys

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