Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review - The Firm - Dismal Results (Single)

The Firm - Dismal Results (Single)

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2 out of 10

Rockers of a certain vintage may be forgiven for a touch of excitement but this is, sadly, not Jimmy Page reforming his post-Zeppelin loopygroup. No, it's a quartet of vacant-looking youths from that there London, who have had almost every single 'indie' name thrown at them in a desperate attempt to conjure spirits from nowt. This scribe's ears hear nothing of the Mary Chain, House of Love or Smiths. Rather it is yet another ghastly exhumation of Joy Division and Public Image. And nobody wants that. Do they? Wasn't Interpol enough for you people?

The title track is quite ironic, given the quality on offer. Round The Rim offers slightly more but still ends up sounding like mildly miffed folkies on some bad speed. Everything sounds thin, so if you're in pursuit of 'size zero', this is the music for you.


1. Dismal Results (Radio Edit)
2. Round The Rim (And Back To Him)
3. Dismal Results (Uncensored)
4. Round The Rim (And Back To Him) (Live at Vada)

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