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Review - Alakrity - Whatever Happened To Good TV?

Alakrity - Whatever Happened To Good TV?

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7 out of 10

The word Alakrity is apparently a variation on a traditional English word meaning "cheerful readiness", but I wasn't cheery or ready for what was to come, at first.

Alakrity. Alakrity, who the hell are Alakrity? Well I'm glad you're reading this review as I had no idea either until it arrived on my door step and I gave them a cursory listen. I must admit I wasn't sure at first, the vocals are very homogenous in places and nasally on the odd occasion too, with the music sounding very 90's pop-punk throughout, however after an absolute tonne of listens I have warmed to the band, taking them at face value for what they are I'm now completely loving their pop-punk stylings. What a turn up for the books!

Is anyone old enough to remember the heady days of which was basically the first form of PureVolume or MySpace for bands? Topping the list of most played bands in the pop-punk genre (of which Alakrity most certainly are, no doubts) was the likes of Lucky 7 and Relient K. Well those bands are definitely the parents of Alakrity, with the lyrics and hooks of Relient K mixed with the Californian summer pop-punk vibe of Lucky 7. Basically Alakrity is low-brow, simple, pop-punk that requires you to leave your intellectual thoughts on the side and embrace their sound. If you can do this then you're in for a treat. Maybe it's me being a touch too melancholy, but Alakrity remind me of a simpler time, college life where you had no real worries. This album is one for the summer, we might not be there yet, but I'd get this album ready in preparation.

To give you a real insight into the band, they have a cover of the theme song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, that's all you need to know right there! The production is slick (maybe the cymbals on the drums aren't quite clarified enough) and bar the occasionally slip into ballad territory ("Just Words" I'm looking at you) all of "Whatever Happened To Good TV?" is a fun romp through the past.

If you're looking for something more forward-thinking, if you hate pop-punk, if you hate Christian influenced lyrics, then you won't find what you're looking for, if on the other hand you want something joyful, fun, and unashamedly pop-punk then put a pin in Alakrity as you've found your final destination.


1. Good Luck, We're All Counting On You.
2. Beyond Belief (feat. John Schlitt)
3. A Better Me
4. The Truth Is
5. A Friend's Point Of View
6. Just Words
7. After How Hard I Tried
8. Wait Up
9. Seven Minutes After
10. Abbey's Song
11. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Bonus Track)

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