Friday, 27 February 2009

Review - Earth Crisis - To The Death

Earth Crisis - To The Death

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9 out of 10

This band needs no introductions. Famed for their militant stance on the vegan and straight edge lifestyles, Earth Crisis are back and they've definitely got some hefty punches left to be pulled. "To The Death" is the perfect comeback album. Gone are the nu-metal overtones and in their place are the chuggy, mosh filled Earth Crisis riffs everyone loved when the "All Out War" and "Firestorm" EP's were compulsory records that every discerning hardcore fan owned.

Within five seconds of album opener "Against the Current" you will want to take up arms and dispose of anyone who opposes you. The rest of the record follows in a similar fashion. Chugging guitars, hate filled vocals and absolutely pounding drums dominate the mix and by the time you've finished you'll feel as if you've been steam-rollered into oblivion.

"To The Death" is a solid listen straight through and is deserving of many, many repeat visits. Bouncing from track to track with a groove reminiscent of their early years, Mr Buechner and company are going to stoke the embers smouldering under the arses of everyone and make them take the world street by street and block by block.


1. Against The Current
2. To Ashes
3. So Others Live
4. Security Threat # 1
5. When Slaves Revolt
6. Plague Bearers
7. Control Through Fear
8. Cities Fall
9. Eye Of Babylon
10. What Horrifies
11. To The Death

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